The algorithm is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms.

The algorithm has been in development for over 20 years, and available for professional investors since 2010.

 Dr. Lipa Roitman, a scientist with over 35 years of experience created the market prediction system.


Who made it?



The algorithm forecasts the S&P500 plus 84 other world indices. Learn More

World Indices


The I Know First algorithm identifies the best market opportunities for over 8000 stocks on a daily basis.  Learn More

Billionaire's Portfolio 

The algorithm generates forecasts for 15 interest rate related indices and ETF products.  Learn More


With a strong hit ratio, I Know First currency prediction supports your trading for over 54 currency pairs with daily forecasts.  Learn More

Geographic Location

European stocks, Brazilian stocks, Franch Stocks, Chinese Stocks.  Learn More

The algorithm ETF forecast includes 600 assets representing different geographical locations, indices, sectors and commodities.  Learn More


Daily predictions for all major precious metals and commodities including Gold, Silver and Oil.  Learn More

Gold & Commodities

This forecast includes the best stocks identified by the algorithm that are currently in Warren Buffet’s and other major investors' portfolios.  Learn More

Interest Rates






Heat Map Indicators

Asset Ticker


 At the top, a specific asset is identified.

Signal Strength


This indicator represents the predicted movement direction/trend; not a percentage or specific target price. The signal strength indicates how much the current price deviates from what the system considers an equilibrium or “fair” price.


The signal strength is the absolute value of the current prediction of the system. The signal can have a positive (predicted increase), or negative (predicted decline) sign. The heat map is arranged according to the signal strength with strongest up signals at the top, while down signals are at the bottom. The table colors are indicative of the signal. Green corresponds to the positive signal and red indicates a negative signal. A deeper color means a stronger signal and a lighter color equals a weaker signal.


Analogy with a spring: The signal strength is how much the spring is stretched. The higher is the tension the more it’ll move when the spring is released.

This measures the importance of the signal. The predictability is the historical correlation between the prediction and the actual market movement for that particular market. For each asset this indicator is recalculated daily. Theoretically the predictability ranges from minus one to plus one. The higher this number is the more predictable the particular asset is. If you compare predictability for different time ranges, you’ll find that the longer time ranges have higher predictability. This means that longer-range signals are more important and tend to be more accurate.

I Know First is a financial services firm that utilizes a state of the art self-learning algorithm to analyze, model and predict the stock market.  The algorithm generates predictions for over 10,000 assets from 3-days to one year ahead.

Heat Maps



Color Coding

Strong Buy

Signal > 10


Signal > 0

Strong Sell

Signal < -14


Signal < 0




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Every I Know First package sends out 6 different heat map forecasts for the corresponding time ranges. As the time increases the algorithm is better able to predict the assets movement and so the signal strength and predictability indicators become stronger. 

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